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About Your Operation

Keith offers a full range of the most up to date and evidence based surgical procedures. He appreciates the risks involved and the concerns you may have about surgery and will do everything to help alleviate this.

He works with highly skilled anaesthetists, who use only the latest techniques in anaesthetic and pain management. He is also supported by friendly and efficient nursing staff to make your post operative course as smooth as possible.

Keith makes every effort to return you to an active lifestyle as quickly and successfully as possible by involving physiotherapists and rehab specialists during your recovery period.

You will find some information sheets below. These can be opened by clicking on the relevant link.

Potential complications of foot and ankle surgery
Potential complications of ACL/ Knee Arthroscopy
Post-op instructions for foot and ankle surgery
Potential complications of hip and knee surgery
Anaesthesia and pain relief
Post-op instructions for hip and knee surgery
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