Sports and Orthopaedic Physiotherapy and podiatry is available in Mr Winters Langwarrin rooms. The ability to provide physiotherapy, podiatry and triaging services within Mr Winters' rooms means patients can often coordinate seeing Mr Winters and the Physiotherapist or podiatrist in one visit. As well as being convenient, our physio's and podiatrists can discuss with Mr Winters any concerns of the patient not dealt with during treatment. This can quickly be discussed with Mr Winters.



By working closely with Mr Winters, the physiotherapist and podiatrist understand exactly how Mr Winters wants his patients rehabilitated following their injury / surgery or optimised prior to surgery, thus achieving the best outcome.

To Book a an appointment please call (03) 9598 0691. You can also visit the physio website for information and appointments in Langwarrin, Brighton or Rowville or you can visit the podiatrist website for more information or to book an appointment in either Langwarrin or Mentone. 



Consulting @ 131, Langwarrin

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Podiatry, Physiotherapy

131 Cranbourne-Frankston Rd, Langwarrin


mHealth Mentone

2/3 Swanston Street, Mentone


Foot & Ankle Rehabilitation Australia

Suite 4, 214 Bay St, Brighton VIC 3186




Physio & Podiatry Services include:


* Trauma triaging:

                                - Fracture and soft tissue injury assessment

                                - Pathology and radiology discussed between physio/ podiatrist and Mr Winters

                                - Further scans requested if necessary

                                - Cast or boot application if needed

                                - If it's a surgical case, physio/ podiatrist will organise for the patient to see Mr Winters in an emergency                



* Pre and Postoperative Rehabilitation:

                                - Regular meetings and training sessions are held between Mr Winters and our physio's and podiatrists.

                                - Postoperative rehabilitation is tailored to individual patients. With patient's permission, our

                                  physiotherapists and podiatrists are given access to appointment notes and operation records when



* Sports Pathologies:

                               - Heel pain

                               - Stress fractures

                               - Sesamoid pathologies

                               - Tendon patholgoes

                               - Bunion/ hallux valgus

                               - Arch pain

                               - Plantar fasciitis

                               - Knee pathologies

                               - Ankle injuries

                               - Sever's heel pain

                               - Lower back pain

                               - Hip pain

                               - ITB pain

                               - Shin splints

                               - Flat feet

                               - Orthotics

                               - Strapping/ padding/ taping

                               - CAM boots


Nail and General Podiatry

                               - Corns and callus

                               - In growing nails

                               - Hard to cut nails/ Painful nails

                               - Bunions

                               - Arthritis

                               - Fungal nail

                               - Warts

                               - Cracked heels

                               - Fungal sking infections/ Tinea

                               - Nail surgeries

                               - Care plans for the elderly


Children/ Pediatrics

                               - In toeing

                               - Out toeing

                               - Flat feet

                               - Ingrown toe nails

                               - Heel pain

                               - Osgood schlatters

                               - Severs disease

                               - Knee pain

                               - Fungal nail

                               - Warts

                               - Growing pains

                               - Toe walking

                               - Tinea pedis


Diabetes and at risk patients

                               - Wound prevention and management

                               - Orthotic therapy

                               - Footwear advice

                               - Neurological assessment

                               - Vascular assessment

                               - Dermatological assessment

                               - Biomechanical assessment

                               - Expert team care treatment





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